If you believe you were destined for something greater than what you’re doing currently. And you’re finally ready to embrace the extraordinary life that you were born to have as a powerful, loving, successful, woman, then read every word below.

In the next couple of moments I’m going to show you where you are right now is not where you were destined to be. And how your previous story in your life does not dictate what will happen the next day. But, if you don’t do what I’m about to share with you, your life will continue to be a cycle of uncertainty, unfulfillment , insecurity and inability to think otherwise

But before we get into that, let me first introduce myself. “My name is Khalood Sultana and I’m known as the ‘Transformer’. But I wasn’t always this way. My story is essentially I grew up in probably one of the craziest ways possible. My dad decided one day to kick my mom out and to take me, my brother, my sister away and completely cut ties with my mom, all in the space of one night. From that my brother, sister and I basically escaped. We ran out to seek refuge from my mom.

My mom taught me this powerful notion. She said to always remember it. And that was, “No matter what happens in life my story is completely dictated by me. And that I need to be a powerful strong woman because that is exactly who I was born to be.”

Now I don’t know about you and what you’re situation is, but that changed my life. It kept me at a constant knowledge, the constant knowledge in my mind and in my heart that no matter what I did in life I was destined to be powerful. And if you’re not destined, if you don’t know that you’re destined to be powerful, guess what? You’re in for a surprise. Because you’re destined to be powerful.

With that being said, it wasn’t until many, many years of hardships, emotional & financial struggles, crazy ups and downs in life, that l I got the breakthrough I was looking for. I was playing second fiddle in my own life and my own script. I was not the hero of my own journey. And that’s when things changed.

“No matter what happens in life my story is completely dictated by me. And that I need to be a powerful strong woman because that is exactly who I was born to be.”

They changed when I did.

And that’s when I uncovered that I had the power of helping women do the exact same thing. All by accident. I remember just speaking to women helping them do what they need to do in order to actually create change in their lives. And I used to just tell people. I couldn’t help it but I used to see such amazing transformations for woman I spoke to. To help them get the most out of their life and create happiness for themselves. And that’s exactly what I will do for you too.

But, before we jump into that, I want you to first imagine something. I want you to imagine that you’re living in a way that you dictate. That you create. That you have complete passion and control over. And most importantly, you finally unshackle yourself from that boulder falling off a cliff that you’re holding onto for dear life and security. You finally let go, spread your wings, and realize that you can fly like an eagle. You have the power to live your life on your terms.

Now, if I was to tell you right now that you can go from exactly where you are, no matter where it is, and in the next 90 days with my help you can transform your life in the exact same way I transformed mine. Would you be ready?


Ready to move past your present standard, get rid of your limiting thought process and understand that anything is possible.


Ready to get crystal clear and be aligned with your life purpose so you can live a limitless life exactly how you always envisioned it


Ready to remove the root cause for your low self esteem so you can gain the confidence to live life on your terms, indulging in every experience life has to offer.


Ready to change unworthy or undeserving to deserving. So you can love yourself for the confident, compassionate, strong woman you were born to be.


Ready to learn strategies to think and innovate your way to a new level of creative decision making.

To do this you have to start understanding and committing to look at your life differently then you have up until now. But like I have mentioned before, I’m here to keep it real. If you bitch, moan, cry or whatever it is that you want to do, well guess what, I’m not the right person for you to talk to.

If you're here as a Warrior Woman, as someone that is looking to take everything forward ten times quicker than they ever thought possible and leave that past in the dust where it belongs, then Hi and welcome! You've met your tribe.

If you want to work with me one-on-one, you have two options. 6 week intensive or 90 days, this is what you will receive:

Transformational Truth Packet

You will complete the Transformation Packet before we begin our coaching sessions. Explaining struggles, thought processes, and goals. We’re going to solidify everything and put it together in a way that’s actually amazing and personalized specifically to YOU!


Weekly one on one Skype or Telephone Coaching Sessions(45 Minute)


I’ll be keeping the fire LIT under your arse.


You’ll get unlimited email & VOXER access


$997 for 6 weeks.

(3 Month payment plans available)

Currently I only work with a handful of women, because I can only help a handful of women at this exact moment. Being a new mom, I take my duty seriously … my family always comes first. And I want to make sure I can support women at the same time. So if you’re truly, 100% serious about going ahead and being a Warrior Woman, becoming a woman that is compassionate, that is powerful, that is able to do whatever the hell she wants. Then here’s what you do next.

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Chat with me so I can speak to you and see if we’re a perfect fit together. If so we’ll move forward and you’ll be invited to join the Warrior Woman movement. If not, then we’ll part ways and no hard feelings and just be friends.


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